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വി.സി. അലക്‌സാണ്ടര്‍ നിര്യാതനായി

Vadasserikunnel family in the loss of their father V.C. Alexander Vadasserikunnel (Chandikunju), who passed away at Kidangoor on Monday, November 26, 2018 at 4:30 a.m. He has served for a long time as the Inspector of Co-Operative Banks and retired as MD of Meenachil Rubber Marketing Society.

V.C. Chacko Vadasserikunnel

Alley Chacko Vadasserikunnel (Korattiyil Family)

Philomina Alex (Philly) (Neelettu Family, Kottayam)

James V. Alex (Jaimon), New Delhi – Spouse: Bincy James (Chennakuzhiyil, Karimkunnam)
Jose V. Alex (Joppen), Houston, Texas – Spouse: Dilla Jose (Kumblanickl, Karimkunnam)
Thomas V. Alex (Thomaskutty), Kidangoor, Kerala – Spouse: Tisha Thomas (Kaippallil, Malloossery)
Alexeena Siby (Puthenpurackal), Chicago, IL – Spouse: Siby Thomas (Puthenpurackal, Kallara)

Jesbin James, Jerobin James
Jack Jose, Jaimy Jose
Alex Thomas, Mathew Thomas, Abel Thomas
Tom Siby, Tania Siby, Alex Siby, Sona Siby

Aleykutty Chacko – Kallurumpel, Monippally (Late)
Thomas Vadasserikunnel – Aleykutty, Edampadam (Spouse)
Mathew Vadasserikunnel – Thresiamma Narakamkuzhiyil (Spouse)
Mariyamma Lukose – Lukose Chamakkalayil, Kaipuzha (Spouse)
Rev. Fr. V.C. Kuriakose Vadasserikunnel (Late)
Rev. Fr. V.C. Joseph Vadasserikunnel (Late)
Kunjupennu (Late)


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